Tips for Driving in the Colorado Snow

Tips for Driving in the Colorado Snow

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Car Care, Driving, Exterior Washes

It’s no secret that Denver’s population has grown these past couple of years! That being said, not everyone moving to our beautiful state has had the exhilarating experience of driving in the snow. Even our very own Colorado natives can struggle sometimes! Below, we will give you some important tips and tricks that will allow you to drive through the snow safely and comfortably! 

Take Your Time. 

Make sure you plan to leave for your location earlier than usual.  Accidents are more prevalent during the winter, and they often occur when people are rushing to get to their destination.

Give Yourself Space

Maintain a greater distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. It can take up to 3 times the distance or more to brake in snowy conditions than it does during dry or even wet conditions. Don’t be in a hurry!

Update Your Tires

Winter tires are almost a must – the next best thing is all-weather tires. Low tread or improperly inflated tires can easily slip on icy roads. Tires can save your life on those passes!

Plus, if the weather is particularly dicey, Colorado can implement the Passenger Vehicle Traction and Chain Laws on any state highway. When these are in effect, all motorists are required to have tires on their vehicle that meet the correct type and tread depth or have chains or traction devices installed.


Clear ALL the snow from your vehicle before taking on the road. Snow can often impair your vision if your vehicle is not properly cleaned off. Not only does it help you see, it will prevent projectiles of ice and snow from hitting other vehicles and potentially end up cracking or going through windshields.

Don’t forget to clean your tire wells! Ice buildup in your tire wells can prevent your wheels from turning.

Windshield Washer Fluid

Fill your vehicle with a strong anti-freeze concentration so it won’t freeze on your windshield. And check the fluid often in the winter. Snowy roads kick up a lot of junk onto your windshield. You want to make sure you can clean it off for a clear view of the road.

Adjust How You Drive

In ice and snow, don’t make sudden or sharp turns. Decrease your speed to account for poor traction and accelerate and decelerate slowly. Rushing can cause you to slide. And, last but not least, DO NOT PANIC! 


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