Bye Bye, Bugs!

Bye Bye, Bugs!

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Car Care, Detailing, Exterior Washes

The long road trips and summer nights are slowly coming to an end; don’t wait to get those stubborn bug splatters off your car any longer.

Bugs Eat Paint

Did you know that those little bugs create fluids that can eventually calcify and ruin your car’s paint? The blood of insects contains acids that can permanently damage your car. And rain or plain water is not enough to remove them completely.


Bugs Obstruct Your View

Not only do bugs eat away at your car’s clear coat, but some insects have corrosive enzymes that are strong enough to mark glass. Enough of them can obstruct your view through your windshield and mirrors. Once these splatters have dried, they can gum up and pit your windshield wiper blades.

Bugs Obstruct Tech

Insects can wreak havoc on the sensors of many of the advanced technology that is used in newer vehicles. The sensors that scan a vehicles blind spot or alert you to other road hazards can get disabled by bug guts. You will want to clean your car frequently to avoid buildup.

Gleam Can Help!

We know your car is a considerable investment, so we make sure to treat it as such. With precision and vigilance, our Gleam cleaning crew ensures that your vehicle leaves our lot looking brand new. 

We’ll happily do the dirty work for you. Schedule your bug removal today. Starting at only $10.00!


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