Our Car Wash Chemical Applications

Lava Foam: this application comes with our Gleam Total package and completely saturates your car with a heavy high pH soap designed to pull the dirt from your car’s surfaces prior to getting to the next application. It’s pretty awesome!

Sealer: this application is offered with our Gleam Total and is the second step in our “Total Shine” process. It applies a heavy shine and protective coat to your paint.

Hot Wax: don’t have time for a hand wax? This carnauba wax application is designed to shine and protect your entire car with an amazing show. It’s offered in our Gleam Total and is the final step in our best value wash.

Waterfall Rinse: This is a cool rinse of recycled/treated water like a cascading waterfall to thoroughly rinse EVERYTHING from your entire car. Offered in our Gleam Total.

Wheel Cleaner: this application comes with our Gleam Wheels and Gleam Total packages. There are two side-by-side applications that spray two aggressive cleaners; one high pH and one low pH. The “heat of neutralization” aids in cleaning all of that brake dust from your wheels.

Tire Shine: our automated application comes with our Gleam Wheels and Gleam Total. We use a water-based dressing that will shine and protect your tires.

Undercarriage: this one is also offered in our top three packages and is an absolute must in the winter. Step one is a high pressure blast of recycled water into the entire undercarriage of your car. Step two is a rust inhibiting chemical application designed to protect your brake lines, etc. from corrosion from magnesium chloride.

Triple Foam: another fun application offered in our Gleam Shine, Gleam Wheels, and Gleam Total packages is our three color paint conditioner designed to aid in even more shine.

Sealer Wax: this one comes with our top three packages and helps to aid in a final shine of your car.

Pre-soak: this application comes with all of our washes and is composed of a light high pH foam to start the cleaning process.

Brush Foamers: there are multiple applications designed to do two things: lubricate our brushes for a scratch-free experience and apply a low pH soap to help get the other types of dirt the high pH applications may have trouble with.

Drying Agent: this application comes with all of our washes and aids in beading the water to help the blowers dry your car.

Notable Tunnel Devices

Conveyor: our conveyorized track is protected on both sides by UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) plastic so nothing can hurt your wheels. It guides your car through our tunnel, in about 3 minutes, with UHMW rollers that push your back tires.

Tunnel Controller: our car wash is really smart. It’s comprised of 6 signal inputs that tell a computer exactly where your car is in the tunnel and in turn the computer tells each application when to turn on and off. We have about 100 of these applications.

Neoglide Brushes: an example of this is out on our patio. All of our spinning brushes are made of closed-cell foam that does a great job cleaning your car, but also stays devoid of any dirt particles, keeping your car’s paint safe.

Microclean Curtains: we have two curtain-looking things called mitters in our tunnel. These are made of what’s called microclean. It’s a microfiber material that also does a great job cleaning your car and doesn’t retain particles. Plus, we’re constantly (every car) rinsing ALL materials to ensure no particles on our cloths.

Tire Brushes: comprised of a horizontal nylon brush that just cleans your wheels and tires as well as a small neoglide vertical spinning brush that also concentrates on your wheels and tires.

Wrap-around-washers: these are the really tall brushes. They clean the front, sides and wrap around to clean the rear of your car. The rear of SUVs are the toughest spot to clean. These have you covered.

High Pressure Recycled Water: this device is called the Omni. It does three things: concentrates on your wheels and wheel wells, hits the entire side of your car, and cleans the top surface, including under your wipers where brushes can’t penetrate.

High Pressure Recycled Water Wheel Blaster: this simple yet incredibly effective machine, called the Pendulum, sprays 600psi recycled water onto your wheels ensuring they get clean.

Blowers: very big 15 horsepower air movers. We have 11 of them. They blow dry your car helping to get your car free of water.

Buff –n- Dry: this is a friction drying system that automatically dries your car, in the tunnel, with a chamois material. This REALLY gets your car dry.