5 Reasons to Wax Your Car

It may not seem like a necessary service for your car, but getting you car waxed at least twice a year can do wonders for your car in many ways. Here are the top 5 reasons to wax your car regularly.

Protection – Corrosive materials left from bugs, birds, sap, salt, and more can actually break down the sealant that protects your car's paint. If left for long enough these materials can actually etch into your car. Fixing this damage is very expensive. Wax adds an extra layer of protection between your car and everything it comes into contact with.

Prevention – Similar to protection, the extra layer of protection will also help prevent paint chips from rocks and debris turning up while driving at high speeds or on dirt roads. Since a waxed car has a smoother surface, it's more likely for a rock to slide off rather than digging in.

Better Gas Mileage – Now even we thought this would be a stretch, but clean, waxed cars get a considerable amount better mileage. We didn't believe it either, but here are the receipts. Spoiler: Myth Busters finds out this particular car will gain an extra 2.4 MPG when cleaned and waxed.

Filled in Scratches – Not all scratches are created equal, but many small scratches can actually appear to be removed and become completely unnoticeable with a layer of wax. Wax will not repair your scratch but is preferable for many because it's cheaper and doesn't require the clear coat to be removed.

Shine – The simplest reason why you should get your car waxed is that it'll make your car look shiny, glossy, and new. Everyone loves a shiny car!

We recommend our Clay and Wax Detail service twice a year. We remove all surface contaminants, apply high-quality synthetic paint sealant, and hand-buff your vehicle. Plus, if you're a VIP Unlimited Member, you can come in every Wednesday for a $10 Hand Wax and a Free Burrito!

Remember: Frequent car washes at Gleam help to preserve your car’s value and – thanks to our system that reclaims and treats water – keeps pollutants out of Denver’s stormwater system!  If you wash your car more than once a month, Gleam’s Total Total Membership pays for itself so you can feel good about staying clean and safeguarding our water system.