Safety Tips for Drivers

There are an average of six million car accidents in the U.S each year. Drivers are required to complete a driving course and pass an exam before being able to legally drive. This course educates drivers on basic safety tips like fastening seat belts, adjusting mirrors, using turn signals and defense driving. Here are some additional safety tips we’ve put together to keep you and your passengers safe.

1. Don’t drive distracted. The number one cause of car accidents in the U.S. today is distracted driving.  Often these incidents result from drivers talking on their cell phones, texting, or eating. Before putting your car in drive, check to make sure your map is set to go and your playlist is selected so you aren’t doing these things while driving. Some phones offer “do not disturb” settings that prevent calls and texts from delivering to your phone until you’ve arrived at your destination. That phone call or text message can wait until you are safely parked.

2. Clean your headlights.  Driving at night can be dangerous if your car’s headlights are not bright enough. The headlight covers get foggy overtime, limiting the amount of light that can get through. Take a look at your headlights and see if they appear foggy. If they do, sign up for our Endless Pass membership and get $20 OFF our Headlight Restoration service in September. 

3. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. This will improve gas mileage and ensure your tires wear evenly, giving you optimal traction and the longest life out of your tires. This also reduces your chances of experiencing a blow out. Having a tire gauge handy is a good idea if your car is not equipped with an internal gauge.

4. Check fluid levels. Make sure your radiator has enough coolant to prevent overheating, especially during the hot summer months. Sometimes the gauges are misleading, so check to make sure your radiator has enough fluid occasionally. 

Changing your oil is an important part of car maintenance, but is also vital to keeping your car safe to drive. If you don’t change your oil, sludge can build up in your engine which can lead to overheating and expensive mechanical issues. Changing your oil every 3,000 miles for older vehicles and every 6,000 miles for most modern vehicles will prevent these risks.

5. Keep windows and windshield clean. Dust, pollen, and leaves can impede your visibility on the road. Keeping your windows and windshield clear enables you to see the road, other drivers and potential hazards. 

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We care about our customers and your safety on the road. A clean car is not only great to look at, but it is safer to drive. When windshields are clean and headlights are clear, drivers are prepared for the journey ahead.

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