Tips To Better Enjoy Your Commute

Summer is ending and for many, school is right around the corner. With more people on the road and moving to Denver year-after-year, traffic is becoming an unfortunate common occurrence. If you’re someone who has to tackle that morning and evening rush hour, we’ve made a list to help you enjoy your commute around town.

  1. Consider What You Listen To - Spending some time on crafting a good playlist could make all the difference for your drive. Choose music that’s a bit more relaxing or uplifting to help pass the time on the road. Also, consider investing some time into podcasts, audiobooks, or apps that teach you something. Keeping your mind active and learning something new can help the commute fly by.

  2. Physical Comfort Matters - Dressing to impress is always a good mentality to have. That being said, your nice dress shoes and high heels may not be the most enjoyable attire to drive in. Bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes for the commute. Switch them out right before and after driving and no one has to know. Also, after you’ve had a long day at work, do a few simple stretches before getting in that driver’s seat. Getting your blood flowing helps you to relax and let go of some of tension you may be holding onto. Remember your posture while driving as well. Adjust your seat so that your back is straight and not strained. Every little bit helps on those long, often frustrating, drives.

  3. Stay In One Lane - It’s been proven that speeding and weaving in and out of lanes does very little to save you time. At most, you may save yourself a couple of minutes on the road. Instead, choose one lane and stay in it. By avoiding switching lanes unnecessarily, you relieve yourself of the stress of merging which helps give you a more relaxed drive.

  4. Snacks - A great way to distract of the traffic and help curb that hunger coming on before dinner is to bring small easy snacks along for the ride. A bag of nuts, fruit, and a good hydrating drink could be that boost of energy you need to kickstart your day or finish it up.

  5. Air Fresheners - Investing is an air freshener or having fun with some essential oils is a great way to relax you while you drive. Lavender is a great anti-anxiety scent that can help keep you calm while improving your focus. If lavender isn’t for you, cinnamon leaf is effective in relieving tension while giving you a burst of energy. Cedar wood is also a good option for releasing stress.

  6. Carpool - If you’re heading to work and you have a coworker that lives nearby or on the way, ride together. A friend to go along for the ride is one of the best ways to make your commute more enjoyable. Alternate who drives every now and then. Being the passenger will help the ride feel a little quicker.

  7. Take Your Time - The last bit of advice is the hardest for some of us. We live in a fast-paced world and often times there’s a need to be on the go and in a hurry. Give yourself time to get places. Life isn’t a race. Wake up a few minutes earlier and don’t rush home when you get off work.

  8. Drive Clean - Studies have shown that we're better able to focus on a task when our environment is clean. It calms us so much so that there's even a movement of "organization porn" (click here for examples – don't worry, it's SFW!). The same methods apply to anywhere you spend most of your time – your bedroom, your kitchen, your desk, and even your car. Keeping your car clean helps minimize an extra layer of stress. Our monthly memberships are great for cutting costs and keeping your car spotless.

Everyone hates sitting in traffic, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it. Taking a few extra minutes and putting a little more thought to enjoying the car ride is a good habit to build. Listen to some good jams, put on comfy shoes, and munch on some almonds. Put yourself in the right frame of mind so your day starts with a good attitude and boost of energy.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash