Top 5 Things to Always Keep in Your Car

A few small items in your glove compartment and trunk could save your life. How many of these do you have? Which items should have made our list?

Spare Tire – If you have a flat, you'll need a quick way to get back on the road. If a full spare isn't an option, have a donut or a Fix-a-Flat on hand to get yourself to the nearest tire shop to resolve the issue. Always keep the spare tire as there may be a chance the tire can be repaired.

Jumper Cables – A dead battery is one of the most common car issues. Sometimes you've left the lights on a bit too long or there's a bigger mechanical issue. Having jumper cables on you makes sure that you don't have to rely on a kind stranger to have their own set of cables. Throw these in the trunk and you can drive worry-free.

First Aid Kit – Car accidents aren't the only reason to keep a first aid kit on hand. A tumble on a hike or an even more worse medical issues can be resolved or cared for until medical help is available.

Reflective Triangle – If for any reason you get stuck on the side of the road at night reflective triangles (or better yet, flares) will notify drivers that they need to go around you. This may help prevent an accident.

Emergency Kit – This is the hardest, but possibly most valuable item for you to have in your car. Create your emergency kit for the kinds of environments you'll be driving in. Items include: emergency bars, water, candle in a can, seat belt cutter, window breaker, space blanket, weather radio, a change of clothes, etc. Think about the various environments where you live and travel to and plan your kit accordingly. Living in Colorado, you'll want to plan for possibly getting stuck in the snow. In Texas you might want to plan for being stranded in very hot weather.