Gleam Car Wash Wins Green Business of the Year Award


We're so happy to announced that we've won the Green Business of the Year award from the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. Here's what they had to say about us:

Gleam Car Wash aims be more than just a place you take your car to get cleaned. “We could just have a car wash,” said Owner of Gleam Car Wash Emilie Baratta. But the 18-month-old northwest Denver company is a community place with a commitment to being ecofriendly in everything that they do.

Gleam Car Wash recaptures 90 percent of the water that they use in their tunnel. They use only 15 gallons of drinking water, compared to the 100 gallons a typical car wash uses.

“We live in the neighborhood, so it’s very important to us that Gleam Car Wash be reflective of the neighborhood personality and spirit,” Baratta said. “We’ve created about 35 well-paying jobs in our neighborhood.”

Part of Gleam’s employee hiring model is a social equity hiring process where they recruit, train and hire individuals with cognitive disabilities. Some of their employees haven’t had experience working in a car wash before, but that’s where training and culture comes in. “We have a phenomenal staff,” said Robert Madrid, owner-operator of Gleam Car Wash.

Madrid and “captain planet”, his nickname for Burratta, have worked to make Gleam as green as they possibly could. They have a 41-kilowatt array of solar on our roof, with plans to add 42 more kilowatt on our other roof, 32 variable frequency drives, computers that ramp up each motor slowly so there’s no spike in electricity and there is 100 percent LED lighting throughout the car wash.

Gleam wants to leave their environment better off and that includes in their community. A portion of their proceeds go to two local nonprofits, Groundwork Denver and Children’s Hospital of Colorado. They also work with schools in their neighborhood to fundraise.

“We do believe in giving back in our community,” Baratta said. “It does make people feel good to bring their cars and their business to our business, because they know that we’re more than just washing cars.”

2018 Green Business of the Year finalists also included Ardent Mills and Gone for Good. Watch more about all the finalists: