We Care About Your Car's Safety

Your car is in safe hands when you bring it to Gleam: our automatic tunnel car wash will bathe and rinse your car with fresh, soft and smooth cloths, which will wash off all the built-up dirt yet also be extra gentle to your car’s surface.

The car wash brush materials are made with Neoglide, which is foam-like, and doesn’t allow for dirt to stick to it: in fact, you can check out an example of our brushes on our patio. Want to learn more about our tunnel devices? Check out our technical page.

Even though washing your car at home with your kids (and perhaps the family dog) sounds like a fun family activity, you may also be doing more harm to your car by reapplying dirt to the car’s surface with a sponge and putting small scratches into the car’s surface!

According to a study performed at The Technical University in Munich, Germany, hand washing your car can put scratches in your paint job (specifically, 0.5mm-1.0mm in depth). Meanwhile, when you use a professional tunnel car wash, your car may only experience light marks and no scratches.