8 Car Myths

8 Car Myths

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Car Care, Driving, Exterior Washes

We have all heard certain things about our cars that don’t really make sense, but we believe because everyone else says so. Here are some of the car myths that have been debunked!

Myth #1: Turning on the air conditioner is better for fuel economy than opening the windows.

Air conditioning uses much more fuel than driving with the windows down. Your car will actually go further on a tank of gas if you never use the AC. But, there is a caveat. Driving without AC also leads to more accidents because of drowsy or uncomfortable drivers. So, take into consideration the weather and your comfort when driving.

Myth #2: Using your cell phone while pumping gas can trigger an explosion.

There has never been a recorded incident of a wireless signal causing an explosion. Plus, science has not established a link between fuel vapors and cell phones. That being said, it is never a bad idea to just focus on fueling your vehicle rather than being distracted by your phone.

Myth #3: You get more for your money when you fill your gas tank in the morning.

It is correct physics to know that gas is denser when it is cooler. It’s not correct to believe that you will get more gas when filling up in the cool of morning. Because of the tanks used, gas temperature stays relatively the same 24 hours a day.

Myth #4: Off-brand gas will hurt your car.

All gas sold in the U.S. has to meet the same standards. “Off-brand” gas stations may not put in the extra engine-cleaning additives into their gas that the big name stations do, but it will not harm your vehicle.

Myth #5: A dirty car is more fuel efficient than a clean one.

It used to be believed that a dirty car provides a dimpling effect. Sometimes called the golf ball effect, it could make a car more aerodynamic. We now know that a dirty car gets, on average, 2 miles per gallon less than a clean car. Unless you can make that dimpling effect uniform, you are more fuel efficient in a clean car.

Myth #6: Premium fuel makes your non-premium car run better.

Higher octane fuel, that of 91 or higher octane, is designed for cars that have larger engines or are performance vehicles that need fuel that is less combustible. It won’t make a difference in your standard commuter or around town vehicle. Don’t waste money on premium gas for a vehicle that doesn’t need it.

Myth #7: Red cars are pulled over for speeding more often than non-red cars.

Color has very little to do with why a car is pulled over for speeding. In fact, white cars are pulled over more often than red. Most of the cars on the “most ticketed” list for speeding are typically makes and models of vehicles that are built for speed and performance. Which begs the question: do police target these kinds of cars or do fast drivers tend to purchase these types of cars?

Myth #8: Manual transmissions offer better fuel economy than automatics.

While this used to be true, advancements in the way automatic cars are built have created an even field in fuel efficiency. Automatic transmissions now have extra gears to create more power at lower engine speed, which saves fuel.


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